Website creator for Photographer websites

SWI should eventually have this type of automated website builder for fulfilment

Flashub advice on how to construct emails for the initial outreach to Schools

Use Chatgpt

Tell it that you want to write an outreach email to school owners. Tell it the problems that these school owners have. Tell it what situation these problems cause. Tell it the result that you can get for schools that have these problems. 

This is the Google Sheets from Flashub

Industry Coaching

Flash Hub Flash Hub Reviews Trustpilot

UGURUS Brent Weaver (and Abby)

Agency Mavericks Troy Dean

Digital Ambition – Kevin Geary



Auto export Elementor Form content to Google Sheets

Possible using Uncanny Automator plugin

Elementor Pro Integration for Uncanny Automator

This video is important

1. Calculating your average project price

2. Calculating your NEW 2023 average project price

3. Seven skills (1hr 44m in) you must acquire to legitimately demand higher prices 
– Discovery: Keyword Research, Market Research, Trends, Competitor Research online presence
– UX Design & Wireframing
– Copywriting
– Funnel Design & Offer CTA Design
– CRO: Using analytics and screen recordings to change the website over time
– SEO and or PPC: Driving traffic to the website 
– Analytic: Setup tracking and create Reporting

Freedom Number Calculator:

Website Itemization Pricing Exercise:

This video is
1. Talk Price Early
2. Bill for everything you deliver
3. No more Milestone Payments

This video is 20 ways to level up your Digital Agency